Harness Training for your Teacup Pig

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Harness training is essential for teacup pigs and you can train your pet according to your own lifestyle. Harnessing is the best way to protect your pig and make them learn about the daily activities. These harnesses should not be kept for longer time as it can affect the pig emotionally and physically. Harness training has to be limited and it is available in A & H patterns. You need to put the harness carefully to avoid any damage to the pig. If you have a small sized pig or larger pig, your main concern is to find out the most comfortable harness for the pig. You can measure the neck and girth and get the harness training done with right size equipment.

Your pig will be ready for training, if you make them comfortable for learning new things. You can use food as an additive feature for training your kids and never force your pigs for it. Harness should be comfortable to the pig and you need to talk to them about it. Talking is the best solution and your pig understands everything you tell them or show them. You can let them know that harness is an equipment for them and leave it to them to see, feel and even taste it. You can rub it all over the body of your pet to make them easy.

Harness Training for your Teacup Pig

In the beginning, harness training can be done for a few minutes with the help of food and the harness equipment. You can talk to your teacup pig slowly and make sure that they are not uncomfortable at any step. If you feel that the pet is going upset, you can distract them or give them food; and begin the training when they become fine. Don’t stress your pig because they will get restless and behave awkward. Your pet is like your child who requires your maximum attention and effort in the early training phases of life.

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