Key Requirements of Teacup Pigs

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Your pets require affection and true love from you. Keeping teacup pig at home is a commitment and you can make them your wonderful friends by associating with them in a warm and friendly manner.

Teacup pigs get no sweating and hence, you need to keep them hydrated all the times. You can keep a big dish full of water, near their eating area or outside in the backyard to allow them to have water several times during the day.

Pigs require proper bedding and blankets for sleeping. Whether you make them sleep inside the house or in outdoor backyard, you need to give them a proper bedding to sleep or rest conveniently. You can use your old blankets or purchase new pet blanket for the micro-sized pig.

Feed your teacup pig in the best way and arrange their specialized food to give them for proper nutrition, especially during early phases of life. You can also give them fruits and vegetables and the food should not contain too much sweetness to avoid obesity issues. The food dish should have water dish nearby for the convenience of pet.

Key Requirements of Teacup Pigs

These creatures are very active and can open the kitchen drawers or cabinets to search for food. Don’t keep anything toxic or sharp in these drawers to avoid any accidents with these quick animals.

Potty training is very easy for these pigs and they won’t remain unhygienic at all. You will have to train the teacup pig only a few times and they will understand their proper place to poo and pee. If you are living in an apartment, you can probably take dog litter boxes to manage their litter. These animals are very easy to train and once you tell them to go at a particular place for littering, they would follow you very closely and start doing it soon.

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